Bent Coppers

by daskinsey4

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released October 8, 2014



all rights reserved


daskinsey4 Brighton, UK

benders with agendas...

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Track Name: Broken Legs
Your freedom cuts me like a blade,
it was never supposed to be this way.
Another girl crying to the beat of your cum,
how did it even get to this?

Words come stilted not at all,
Nothing means nothing and silence means no.
Your game is up, you gotta go,
I'll break your legs like the girls you broke.
You say you're ill but you're still breathing,
while I'm here choking to death on my feelings.

The language you use hangs like cobwebs between us.
The words that fall out your mouth like a virus.
Let's get messed up so it happens again.
If friends are you, then I don't fucking need them.

Words come stilted not at all,
Nothing means nothing and silence means no.
Your game is up, you gotta go,
I'll break your face like the girls you broke.
You say you're ill but you're still breathing,
and these fucking wounds are just not healing.

Take you to the slaughterhouse.
Graveyard dancing in the light.
Shit on your reflection now.
Going down with such a fight.
Her face like ten unmade beds,
a crease for every year she bled.
All them caskets held no kisses,
just pain and so many near misses.
Track Name: It's Not Over Yet
Inter-library learning station making palpitations fade,
Sure enough the siren called but didn't dare ring out your name.
Hidden camera button hole suprised you left her bed today,
Crippling non-rheumatic pressure,
Magazine rack hand grenade.

You've not finished yet,
It's not over yet.
Too soon to be funny yet.

Poke the tissue feel the sinew cloaked and pockmarked ABH
Another meal that's left you starving,
Head cracked on the porcelain
Stone is crumbling in your hand and sleeping shows a life of grey
Her kiss acrid on your tongue sewn up eyelids on every face.
Track Name: Goodbye Straight Boy
Would much rather be in my room
but seems like I'm stuck out here with you
do you know that I'm missing Grease 2
and no I still don't wanna kiss you.
Why are you still shouting at me?
Can't help it that you are so boring.
No I don't wanna hear your new song
down the phone at half four in the morning.
I wanna hear the yummy fur and helen love
and I don't care about your sweaty boy rock
and all the girls you wish that you could fuck
I know you think real life exists on pooter screens
but I have read Just Seventeen
And I know you're a nightmare stepping on my dreams.

Got Prick on triple word score
didn't know I was talking about you.
Just kept on touching my face
saying how I'd not last without you.
You should turn those fairy lights off
there's really no need for mood lighting.
Infact you should probably fuck right off
cos I'm not in the right mood for fighting.
I wanna hear the Blue Minkies and some Xiu Xiu
and I don't care about your sweaty boy rock
and all the girls you wish that you could screw.
I know you think 'how could a girl like me want more?'
but I have known your sort before
and I want more than being with some straight bore.
Track Name: Right To Know
Lift your face up from the floor,
when was the last time that he told you you were beautiful,
or said anything nice at all?
It would be alright if you liked yourself a little bit, but as it is,
you've had a life of being told you're shit and believing it.

The sex is bad and you think it's you,
when was the last time that he made you smile,
and it lasted for a long while?
It would be alright if you weren't stuck in tomorrow,
thinking your times running out and you've got nothing to show.

Got a right to know, got a right to know,
Got a right to know if you're loving somebody else.

Lift yourself up from the pain, when was the last time that
you put yourself first, or anything other than last?
It would be alright if I heard from you when things were going alright,
and not just when you wanted to end your life.

I don't think he sees what i see, cos if he did then your eyes wouldn't be blood red, and your hand wouldn't be so blue.
And I know that it's not up to me, cos if it was, then your fire
wouldn't burn so dim, and I'd know that you're gonna leave him.

Does he treat you kind, like I do when you cry?
Does he treat you mean, like all them other guys?
If he treats you kind, the I can let you go.
If he treats you mean, I don't really want to know.
Track Name: Buttplug Horcrux
I overheard him at the Quidditch
he was speaking in Parseltongue
his elder wand wasn't so obvious at first
they never are while they're still young.
Put five needles between my eyelids
so i don't watch seeing him fall
words dripping sideways through your sweating palm
your life line don't look long at all.

Got one hot galleon in my pocket
gonna make some fiendfire tonight.

I overheard him in Three Broomsticks
chugging on a butter beer.
Whispering spells from a restricted section book
It made my quim tremble with fear.
Hope that this buttplug's not a Horcrux.
Don't want Tom Riddle up my arse
Feels like a squib without a firebolt
wish I knew how long this polyjuice would last.

Got one hot galleon in my pocket
gonna buy me time.
One hot galleon in my pocket.
Throwing down some septumsempra tonight.
Track Name: Murder Mile
You could have hung a dress of that smile
every time you ran through murder mile
Thought you were getting one over on them
but they never cared if your skirt got torn
and when your lip was beeding
they weren't even looking.

TV sucked their souls away
a new idol on every page.
Claw the blisters the muddy thruth.
Neck tied tight in a handbag noose.

There's no smiles at the dinner table
broke a glass but your sorry wasn't good enough.
Water spilled over the pan
you put your hand right on it
it felt like a kiss
that was yours to begin with.

You imagine all the empty space
mirrored rooms filled with your perfect face.
No one wishing that you were gone
your favourite voice singing your favourite song.
Track Name: Song Song
Music box playing a song by Aus Rotten
when I closed the lid 5 minutes ago
try to drown it out with the budget girls
while y breath paints a broken dream on the window.
You act like none of this shit even matters
and that's all very well but I'm still stuck here
drowning in a pool of unsent letters
reasons why I'm glad you can't be here.

So write another acoustic song about a war you've never seen
the new boy you're now in love with
now you've fallen out of love with me.
And are you still ripping off all the records I lent you?
still on fire from the maths inside your head?
cos I'm finding it hard to feel anything
about the things we did and the things you said.

Said you hadn't drunk but your eyes were rolling
tried to pretend that it didn't hurt
just count to ten and breathe a bit deeper
remembering that it could all be so much worse
hanging around waiting for a phone call
when i didn't even want to hear your voice.
Hard when it slaps you right in the face
that you might have made the wrong choice

When i said forever I meant for a while.
until we tripped up over the turnstile.
Track Name: Stiff Upper Clit
It's hard when you drink so much tea
to stand up after a while
and not feel so shaky.
When this girl tried to compliment me
had to turn it around
my head just would not let me.
Never knew this was happening outside my door
I learnt more from Kate Bornstein
than putting cups against floorboards.
Stole all the books that i could not afford
but reading the words wasn't really the point.

Stubble rash on my stiff upper clit
thought that nuclear collapse would happen long before this did.
I don't get modern angry young men
thought it must be pretty hard to be young, straight and caucasian.

Spent time with makers mark this week
as a note to self
'what I don't like about me'
I don't think hearts melt like ice cream does
but it's cold in here without you under the covers.
Whole life taking place on dimmer switch
shadows I once cast
now disappeared
Dreams held in a locket around my throat
in invisible ink so that no one can know.

If we don't paint red crosses on our doors
how will they know where to come for us?
I don't get modern angry young men
though it must be pretty hard to be young, straight and caucasian.

Stop focusing on the details girl
just concentrate on holding that pill down.
Public execution at a bus stop scowl-off
that you lost but next time you'll try harder
by looking in the glass for hours and hours
working on your emotional architecture.